⚫Homemade BAND SAW FROM Scrapbook.

Как сделать простую ленточную пилораму в домашних условиях из подручных материалов, да еще и без токарных заказных деталей? Здесь я …

How to make a simple band sawmill at home from scrap materials, and even without custom-made turning parts?
Here I talk in detail about making a simple, workable band sawmill for cutting boards at home. In its manufacture, I did not use expensive parts, in particular, I did without a turning robot. Therefore, its cost turned out to be very budgetary, within $ 500. If you have basic skills in working with the tool, you can repeat my experience, and make yourself the same sawmill, or even better.

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Drawings of the band sawmill + photo of units:
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